About FANG

FANG is a group of tabletop gamers that met and became friends via a local FLGS (https://www.facebook.com/AnthemGames) over the last 7 years.

FANG originally stood for Friday All-Night Gamers; we used to meet bi-weekly on Friday nights from 6:30 pm until midnight or later. Scheduling became an issue and we changed to playing on late afternoon Sundays, but we retained the FANG moniker.

The game was Dungeons and Dragons 4e and took place in a home-brewed world called Draegos, but took place in the Nentir Vale "points of light" location from the books. Several published adventures were used in the campaign, but were modified to fit the changing narrative the group came up with. We used The Slaying Stone and Reavers of Harkenwold. Bits and pieces were lifted from the Heroic, paragon, and epic tier modules released, but nothing as whole cloth as the two adventures mentioned.

The original group consisted of me (the DM), Duke, Dave, Craig, Shane, Ed, and Steve. The group consisted of:
► Revenant Assassin
► Half-Orc Berserker
► Minotaur Fighter
► Hamadryad Witch
► Hobgoblin Cleric|Sentinel
► Revenant Hunter (latera Hengeyoki (cat) Hunter)

Six months into the campaign, we lost Craig, Shane, Ed, and Steve to schedules and distance. But the campaign went on undeterred as we had new players pulled from the ranks of Anthem's tabletop RPGers … Jesse, Kitty, and James. The new characters joining the Assassin and Berserker were:

► Human Wizard|Avenger
► Dwarven Battlemind
► Pixie Skald (later a Half-Elf Warpriest)

The campaign ran another 2+ years before we decided to end it with and Epic bang and move on to the new D&D 5e. (Dec 16, 2011 - Aug 17, 2014)

The new campaign will be Tyranny of Dragons with all new characters played by the same group of the last 2+ years.

We still play every two weeks. so keep checking back and enjoy the adventures of all new gang dubbed The Suicide Squad! They are a group of misfits, blackguards, minstrels, and shady pasts.

► A Human Paladin of Tempus seeking redemption for a horrible past mistake.
► A Half-Elf Bard on the run from the real Cult of the Dragon after using their name to run a long con.
► A Red-Scaled Dragonborn Fighter who claims he once served the Platinum Dragon, but is now reviled for his ancestry.
► A Wood Elf Monk foundling, raised in the calm order of Chauntean monks, sent out on her first mission … mainly just to get her out of the temple.
► A fratricidal necromancer hounded by vision of global chaos and destruction, trying to make sense of it all.

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