The ruined eladrin city of Cendriane

In the midst of a dark, twisted forest as old as the world stands the abandoned city of Cendriane, its crystal towers rising through the treetops like polished skeletal fingers emerging from the earth. The city's desolate streets sprawl through the wood, creating a unique harmony between nature and the ruins of civilization.

Natives of the forests surrounding Cendriane believe that this place, once the most radiant of eladrin realms, is cursed. Ages ago, the longest battle of the bloody war between the eladrin and the drow took place here, and ever since, Cendriane has known no birdsong, no signs of life, nothing but the pall of silence surrounding the city's perfectly preserved architecture. Giant spiders, displacer beasts, owlbears, and worse make their lairs in mansions where noble eladrin once dwelled, and sometimes by night terrifying spectres drift through the misty streets.

Rumors of fabulous wealth still unclaimed in Cendriane draw outlaws and treasure seekers. They prowl the city in search of ancient libraries stocked with eldritch scrolls and treasure maps, or they try to find vaults hidden beneath the city that are said to be filled with gold and magic. Such explorers are seldom seen again.

A mysterious band of fey are said to guard the secret entrances to ruined Cendriane. Little is known about them except they are fierce defenders of the abandoned city.

Eight years ago, in mortal realm time, unseelie fey attempted a vile ritual of blood sacrifice somewhere in Cendriane. It was disrupted at the last moment and the barely controlled mystical energies went wild. Neither the unseelie nor the mysterious guardian fey of the ancient eladrin city have been heard from since.

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