Durn Heavyscale

Durn "Ignis" Heavyscale
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Durn "Ignis" Heavyscale, Male Red Ancestry Dragonborn Fighter

Current Character Level 2
Fighter 3 (Eldritch Knight)
Hermit Background


Height: Durn stands an impressive 7 feet, 5 inches. He literally pushes the boundaries of a medium creature.
Weight: 328 lbs. Solid draconic muscle.
Skin color: Red scaling.
Eyes: That creepy orange-yellow giant reptiles have in most movies.
Languages: Speaks both Draconic and Common, but speaks Common in a simple sense; easily understandable but cuts out many words in sentences.
Deity: Bahamut.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Perks: Loyal, Friendly, Easy-Going
Flaws: Vain, Prideful, Easy to Anger

Durn is an impressive specimen, even for a Dragonborn. Adept at basic sword fighting as well as making medicines and potions, he has lived on the move for most of his life. He cannot help but feel as though his life has more meaning than it has so far, though.


Durn unfortunately began his life as bad off as it is at the present. His egg was located in the countryside of Amn by pure chance of a group of elven rangers going out on the hunt. At first it was thought to be an actual dragon egg, due to a dagger-sized dragon fang found beside it, though inspection revealed it was just a Dragonborn egg. The rangers collected the egg, and it eventually made it to an orphanage in Baldur's Gate to be taken care of.

Durn grew quickly as the years passed. His passed the time, traveling to different guilds and trade wards, watching others practice their arts. Sellswords attracted his attention the most, as well as the occasional dungeon delving troupe of adventurers that would pass through the city. Being able to brandish a sword to earn money and renown seemed like a good way to live. As he grew older, he was able to squire under several knights and militiamen for a time, learning the basics of combat.

At age 14, Durn was dismissed from the orphanage, having reached adulthood for Dragonborn. Durn chose to leave Baldur's Gate at this point to find a new home along the Sword Coast. It turns out that a fully grown chromatically-colored Dragonborn is almost feared in most places. It takes almost three years to find a good place to settle down for the time in a hovel outside of a small town called Gillian's Hill. The town, while still worried about him, at least let Durn stay outside town. Here he stayed a few years, finally having a nice (relatively, compared to vagrancy) place to stay. He made ends meet, making various medicines, and the occasional critter removal for the town. He made trades with the traders of town during nightfall, as well as most interaction at the request of the town leader, as to no bring fear to his town, despite Durn not having done anything to antagonize the townsfolk.

This worked for a time. Of course, everything that befell the town was in turn, blamed on the estranged Dragonborn in the backyard. This eventually landed him in hot water, when he was incarcerated by the Baldur's Gate militia, returning and imprisoning him at the very place he grew up.

Slightly bitter over this, Durn was fine with it. In time, his name would be cleared. Hopefully. Not that many would challenge him in the prison anyway. Being very large has its advantages.

(Insert whatever Duke had planned for our characters knowing each other. We touched on it briefly. Leaving this space to fill in later as he wanted to meet while imprisoned.)

Six months of false imprisonment later, it was found some Drow had caused all the troubles over time, looking to weed out the town for some reason. It was suspected a connection to the Underdark was nearby, causing them to raid supplies under the cover of night. Durn was released, and allowed to return to his home at Gillian's Hill. Eventually upon his return however, problems with Dragons of all kinds and their kin have arisen all over. The town leader bribes Durn to leave the town with a large amount of gold. (part of the gold I am starting with, so its already factored in) Sadly, the Dragonborn packs up what he can to move onward.

Not many places offer solace to a Chromatic, even if you do not follow one's agenda. However, Durn has heard of a more accepting community on the Sword Coast. one called Greenest. The Dragonborn hops the next caravan to the town, hoping maybe he can find a home there…

A Chromatic Dragonborn falling under Bahamut is not that common, especially these days. It seems as though more and more Chromatics are returning to Tiamat's side for some reason. Because of this, most other Dragonborn, well, ones that are left anyway, have little to do with him for various reasons involving this.

Another oddity is Durn is able to see the very face of Bahamut in his mind; something that is rather rare. Despite not remembering when or where this happened, it was clear at some point Bahamut appeared before Durn and commanded him to go out and do good in the world selflessly. Why he doesn't remember something so awe-inspiring and major and better than he does is baffling.


Combat: Most Dragonborn are adept at combat, even without weapons; add them to the mix and you have a rather lethal opponent. Durn utilizes everything at his disposal, from his longsword to his claws. He favors attacking with his tail and shield as well, throwing around his massive weight. He swings his longsword more like a club than a sharp object, causing the sword to cut with force than precision.

Medicine: Durn is a self-made apothecary as a trade when not offering services as a sellsword. He often mixes up more affordable potions of healing and woundstitch powders to commoners. While not as effective as their usual counterparts, they are in the budget of more people than normal. His studies into medicine he still carries on him with his Herbalism Kit.

Dragons: Another research topic Durn is fascinated with is Dragons and their kind, like himself. He delves into old tomes and scrolls talking about all scale-kind, learning about himself and others, how they are revered and understood. Strangely enough, he always feels like he knows more than he does; as if when he reads new things, he knew it before somehow.

Notable Equipment

Durn's Longsword: A trusty old longsword Durn has owned for a long time, almost a decade. It is obviously used and resharpened time and time again. The shine of steel swords usually have has grown dull and grey on the blade, and the handle has been rebuilt with new wood and leather more than once. The sword might not last too much longer before needing a full replacement.

Durn's Shield: Fairing a good amount better than his sword. A solid iron bound oak tower shield, the outside has seen a good number of strong hits, but still holds together very well. His sword's sheath is actually built into the back of the shield, as well as some straps, pouches and slings to hold things like his handaxes and a few potions; the necessities for battle.

Durn's Armor: Probably the most maintained item on his person, Durn's Armor is an excellent set of chainmail armor fitted to such a large character. Some important locations, such as his right shoulder (the shield holding arm) and over his heart have some iron plates there to bolster protection.

Scrolls of Study: These are from Durn's long days of experimenting with various herbs and medicines. They depict how to make most basic antibiotics and salves. Some even talk of making more potent healing items like potions of healing.

Dragon Fang: A very large fang of a dragon, found with Durn's Egg. Big as a normal sized dagger, this fang is strapped to Durn's left forearm; decoration more than anything. Probably his most prized possession if one were to guess,

Notable Exploits


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