Wallister Smigh
Quote: "I need a quote."

Wallister Smigh, Male Half-Elf Bard 2

Current Character Level 2



Known to the local rubes as Grymskull Dragonpants, Master Most High of the Cult of the Dragon. It had been a pretty good scam, raking in the gold for a few hours' chanting gibberish every week. Plus the idiots thought they were gathering evil power or whatever, so they totally deserved it, right? Practically a good deed. How was he to know that the damn Cult was REAL? Now his flock is either converted or dead, and even worse, somehow the real dragon priests know who he is—knowledge they couldn't possibly have learned from any of Wallister's former marks.. Wallister has always left violence to those too stupid to think of a better way, but he knows if he wants to salvage anything from this mess, even his own skin, he'll have to cut his way out.


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