Special Items

Item Owner
Potion of Extra Healing Jiro, Three Wolf, Thystle, Ike, & Vangrim
Death Shroud Jiro Nevermore
Envenomed Pouch Jiro Nevermore
Talon of the Black Raven Jiro Nevermore
Ravenstone Jiro Nevermore
Sirocco Three Wolf Moon
Talon Amulet Three Wolf Moon
Elemental Bracers Three Wolf Moon
Charm of the Rampaging Lion Three Wolf Moon
Faerie Flute of Mending Thystledown Windsong
Die of the Fey Vagabond Thystledown Windsong
Ioun's Blessed Parchment Ike Sargis IV
ANDROID #13 Ike Sargis IV
Ioun's Stone of Storms Ike Sargis IV
ARM Vangrim
Flagon of Dwarven Holy Water Vangrim
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